Hello and welcome everyone, to my computer and electronics blog! I am your esteemed host Marcus, and I am very happy that you have decided to see what my little blog is about. I am a web developer who grew up on a farm having to make do with what electronic parts I could scavenge from the yard or that my dad would bring home from an auction. That was actually how I got my first video game console, I found an old Sega Game Gear in with random light casings and switches and my mom was nice enough to buy me games for it online.

I really like writing, so I should be able to bring a lot of content to this blog. And I plan on doing some posts about what is happening in the computer world, the video gaming world and even some far out technology posts. I also love people hearing my voice when it comes to what to buy, so expect to see lots of product reviews coming your way. It might be a game review, a computer, a router or some obscure gadget. I hope you all come back soon, and I hope that I don’t disappoint you.