Hey gamers and tech gurus, welcome back to my computers and technology blog. I am sure that most of you have the same level if not a higher level of hate for EA than that smell in your car after leaving a milkshake in it for too long but they seem to be trying to change their appearance. EA Origin Access is a subscription service that enables you access to something called the EA Vault, which is an ever growing collection of past EA games, early access to pre-release games with the option to carry over your save once you decide to buy the game and an additional 10% discount when buying games through Origin. And they are now offering a free 7 day trial through their website.

At the moment, you get access to about 40 games through the EA vault, more if you are playing on console. This includes some great story lines such as the Mass Effect and Dead Space series as well as some awesome multi-player experiences like Battlefield 3 and 4. You also get to play 10 hours of Battlefield One online play, and as I mentioned before any progress made will carry over onto the game if you purchase it. It also give you access to some classic games that have been optimized for play on new computers and operating systems, such as Wing Commander and Dungeons of Dredmor. Personally I think the subscription is worth it anyways at less than $30 US a year seeing all the games you can play, but why not get the free trial and let me know yourself? No clue how long the promotion is, but you can head over to the Origin Access website and check out all the details and see the full list of games offered through the vault.

  EA Origin Access